District Cooking Competition

District Cooking Competition

13th October 2019 @ 9:30 am
Mafeking Hall
Serridge Ln
Coalpit Heath, Bristol BS36 2UF
Matt Alner

Competition Rules



Teams should consist of 4 Scouts, aged less than 14 years and 6 months on 26th March 2020.

Teams should be accompanied by at least one adult who is prepared to take responsibility for their team’s welfare and remain on site during the competition.  Adults are not permitted to assist the teams during the competition, but may be asked to help with general supervision, setting up and clearing away.

We don’t need to have copies of health or parent’s permission forms for your Scouts, but please make sure that the adults supporting the teams on the day have this information with them in case it is needed.

Every team will have at least two hours to prepare and serve their meal, and a ‘service’ time during which the final judging will take place.


The food, table setting and menu design should reflect this year’s theme: “The Olympics”.

The theme needs to be reflected throughout all aspects of the entry: dress, table decoration, menu and food presentation.

Menu Requirements

Cook and serve a 3 course meal: Starter, Main Course and Dessert. Four portions should be prepared and presented on a laid up table.  The judges will take a small amount to taste from one of the small portions…NB.. THIS IS A CHANGE FROM RECENT YEARS: YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE UP A 5TH SMALL PORTION FOR THE JUDGES!

Every team will have at least two hours to prepare and serve their meal, and a ‘service’ time during which the final judging will take place.

There are NO set ingredients. Teams should prepare a meal they want to eat. (Points will not be lost, but it is disappointing to see one team member not eating because they do not like the food chosen)

The ‘Difficulty’ bonus only applies to food prepared during the competition, not to items such as bread rolls made at home. It only counts once – the taste section is not be influenced by difficulty.


There is a £17 budget for the meal – points are lost for exceeding this. Any food ‘donated’ to the team should be listed at normal supermarket prices.  Any item that can be considered an essential or main ingredient for a dish needs to be included in costs.  If in doubt, include the proportionate cost (eg 1/10 pack of expensive spices)

At the judges’ discretion, any team exceeding the budget by over £5 may not be eligible for the trophy.

Drinks to be served during the meal do not need to be included in the cost.  All drinks should be alcohol-free, in accordance with POR.


The meal is to be prepared using equipment which could be found in an average camp kitchen so no fridge, no electrical items, no oven and no blow torch to be used.  Small portable utensils such as pasta makers are permitted as these could be items taken to camp to prepare a particular meal.


The following items are a guide:

  • Gas cooker with two rings, grill and a gas bottle.
  • 1 set of billies or saucepans (large, medium and small)
  • 2 mixing bowls
  • 2 washing up bowls/buckets and tea towels / handtowel / handwash
  • Cutlery, crockery and glassware
  • Cool box with ice packs
  • 1 frying pan or wok
  • 1 water container
  • Cooking utensils (peeler, knives, grater, whisk, etc).
  • Table decorations, linen, cruet, etc.
  • Chopping boards

Marking Schedule:

Menu Presentation Spelling, size, style, theme. 10  
Menu content Balanced courses, explanation of dishes relevant to theme 10  
Costings Clearly presented receipts against menu items 10  
Within budget

Judges discretion – if budget exceeded by over £5 teams may not be eligible for the trophy.

Full marks (10 points) if within budget.

2 points deducted per £1 over £17,

eg £18 spent = 8 points, £22+ spent = 0 points


Team dress Smart themed appearance / hygienic measures eg. wear aprons to cook; roll up sleeves or wear protective jackets, restrain long hair 20  
Team work Leadership, work allocation and communication, planning, organisation, methods and good behaviour / use of time. 10  
Food preparation Safe hygienic practice; proficient use of utensils / equipment. 10  
Cleanliness Work station kept clean and tidy during cooking, hands washed before food prep, washing up cleared away. 10  
‘Difficulty’, Skill Extra points at judges’ discretion (5 per course) for amount of work needed to prepare menu.  NB. This bonus only applies to food prepared during the competition. 15  
  Total prior to final judging 105  
Table setting Table layout and visual appearance: home made better than shop brought decorations. 20  
Theme Use of theme in table layout 10  
Timing All courses served together, on time, served at correct temperature. 30
Service Presented well, not just thrown on plate

As described on menu: no missing elements

Guidance for judging ‘Chef’s palate’ sections: Please only consider how well the dish attempted has been delivered. Use the ‘difficulty’ section to give credit for a complicated dish.
Chef’s Palate – Starter Seasonings, texture, flavour, not under or overcooked/set.


Chef’s Palate – Main Seasonings, texture, flavour, not under or overcooked/set.


Chef’s Palate – Sweet Seasonings, texture, flavour, not under or overcooked/set.

This is the only section the ‘best dessert’ is judged on

  Total from finished meal 150
Teamwork Each team member contributing / being helpful 10
Standard of clean / tidy packing away Utensils, crockery, saucepans etc all cleaned to good standard / items packed safely and tidily for journey home 10
Behaviour Focused on job, quiet and well behaved 10
Total from clearing away 30
  Maximum score (per judge) 285







To enter, please visit the   send the above form as per form details


All Judges are from out of district, in case of tie break, event manger/DSL scores will be taken in added into the teams in the tie break.


Any questions please email cookingcomp@cesd.org.uk and event manger will answer any questions.


Questions and answers will also be placed on the district website.