Dear all,

The Captain of HMS Prince of Wales and the Lord Lieutenant’s office were absolutely delighted with the cards everyone sent for the crew.  The cards were all beautifully made, with super designs and messages.  The crew were thanked for their service and for keeping us safe.  Each and every card was unique and perfect for giving to the crew.  Thank you to our Leaders across Avon for organising and a huge ‘Thank you’ to each and every Cub (and some Beavers!) who took part.

So to the winners of the competition.  Gosh what a hard job, I’m so glad it wasn’t me having to decide!  Even the Captain and his senior officers struggled!

The prize has been shared between two Cubs; one for doing a series of absolutely beautiful cards and the other for making a game where each card had a letter, so the crew had to find people who also had letters on their cards so they could work out the message!

And the winners are…..drum roll…..
Lotte from 62nd and Ethan from 1st B&W!!!

Two cards were chosen to be printed, these were:
Adam 1st Bradley Stoke Foxes Cub Pack and Jocelyn 227th Kestrels Cub Pack.

Congratulations to all our winners!  I will liaise with your ADC/Leader as to how I might get your prizes to you.

Thank you to everyone who made a card; your kindness went a long way to spreading happiness over Christmas.

Yours in Scouting,
Jan Knott
Assistant County Commissioner (Cub Scouts)
Avon County Scouts
[email protected]