Coronavirus (COVID-19) – We are at NYA/Scout's YELLOW readiness level.

Section meetings can take place outdoors and indoors. Limited small group residential activities may take place.

NOTE: For the latest updates, please check out our dedicated page by Clicking Here.

Group and unit information


      1st Abbotswood

      1st Almonsbury
      2nd Alveston
      1st Chipping Sodbury
      1st Falfield
      1st Frampton Cotterell
      2nd Frampton Cotterell
      1st Olveston

      1st Pucklechurch

      1st Raysfield

      1st Severn Beach
      1st Thornbury

      2nd Thornbury

      3rd Thornbury

      1st Wickwar

      1st Winterbourne Down
      1st Winterbourne (St Michaels)
      1st Woodend
      1st Yate

      Challenger ESU
      Endeavour ESU
      Mvumbuzi ESU
      Nike ESU
      Phoenix ESU
      Sharman ESU
      Vulcan ESU
      Zeus ESU