Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme for Explorer Scouts

The Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme (DofE) is open to those from the beginning of the school year in which they become 14 years of age through to their 26th Birthday so is open to Explorer Scouts (including Young Leaders) and Scout Network.  You can register to participate in the DofE Bronze Level award even if you have not yet moved up to Explorer Scouts but are in the school year in which you will become 14 years of age.

To support the Chief Scout PlatinumChief Scout Diamond and Queen’s Scout Awards, which are linked closely to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, all of our Explorer Scout Units are registered DofE Award Centres.  To register to participate in the DofE Award through one of our Explorer Scout Units please complete the Enrolment Form which is available from the Avon Scouts DofE Webpage,

The registration form can be returned with the appropriate payment payable to Avon County Scout Council and sent directly to County office (preferably sent by email and paid by BACS / electronic transfer – County office will process the application more speedily if the form is emailed to them and payment sent electronically as the administrator mainly works from home (with only occasional visits to the County Office).  Please make sure you also notify your Explorer Scout Unit DofE Leader that you have registered.  When completing the registration form it asks for your DofE Group – in Cotswold Edge District the DofE Group is your Explorer Scout Unit name (i.e. Challenger ESU, Endeavour ESU, Mvumbuzi ESU, Nike ESU, Sharman ESU, Zeus ESU, ) except for Phoenix ESU who should enter Thornbury ESU (as there are 3 Phoenix ESUs in Avon County and you could end up registered in the wrong one!).

Some schools and local authority groups also run the DofE Award Scheme but please note it can be over £100 cheaper (and in most cases vastly more) to do register for DofE and do your DofE expedition through your Explorer Scout Unit than through your school or other organisations, so invite your friends who may be interested in doing DofE to join your Explorer Scout Unit.

If you registered for DofE through another organisation and wish to transfer your registration to Scouts this can be done.

If any Explorer Scout wishes to continue their DofE Award after they turn 18 years of age their registration can be transferred to the District Network DofE group.

Other DofE resources (including expedition registration forms, activity log sheets and activity ideas) are available from either the Avon Scouts DofE or main DofE websites.  Ideas for activities that you can chose to participate in can be found in the DofE Ideas section of the DofE website. 

If you need ideas on how to continue with your DofE award during the Covid-19 pandemic please see the DofEWithADifference page on the DofE website.

For those who would also like the opportunity to participate in Ten Tors, you may be able to achieve at least 2 sections of the DofE award through your training for the Ten Tors event:  The Ten Tors training usually includes an assessed DofE Bronze expedition (or Silver practice), the opportunity to use Keep Fit/Walking For Fitness as your Physical activity (3 or 6 months), and for those keen to learn detailed navigation use Navigation as your Skills Activity (3 months) and that only leaves the Volunteering section for which you could help at a younger section at a Scout Group as a Young Leader (for 3 or 6 months).

Please NOTE that anyone assisting at a Scout Group for their Volunteering for DofE (whether as an Explorer Scout doing DofE or anyone from an outside organisation e.g. a School) must complete the Young Leader Module A during their period of volunteering.  The DofE expects that when a person Volunteers for an organisation then there is likely to be some form of training also required by the organisation – the Scout Association requires all young helpers to complete YL Module A (for Silver Level Module A and at least one other YL module and for Gold level Module A plus at least 2 other YL modules).  The Module A (and other modules) completion certificate(s) must be uploaded to the participants online eDofE record before the assessor can write their assessment report for Volunteering in a Scout section (Beavers, Cubs or Scouts).  Any young person wishing to volunteer at a section in Scouting must be registered with the Young Leader Unit to ensure they receive the required training.  Please note that the Scout Association (like many organisations) do not permit anyone under the age of 14 years of age to volunteer or assist at a section within a scout group, so although a young person may be able to register for DofE before they turn 14 they must wait for their 14th birthday before starting to volunteer (we do permit a potential volunteer to attend Module A before their 14th birthday).

If you have any questions about participating in DofE through Scouts ask your Explorer Scout Unit leaders or Email: DofE cesd which will send an email to the primary DofE contacts in the District.