Terms and Conditions

Applicable from October 2023

Hut Booking Terms & Conditions – October 2023

  1. Application:  A provisional application for the hire of the building and facilities can be completed via the online booking form or by emailing [email protected]  Cotswold Edge District Scout Council reserve the right to refuse any application and impose additional terms and conditions.
  2. Charges:  The hire charges shall be in accordance with our scale of charges Click here
  3. Booking Times: A 30 minute Time to set-up before your booking and clearing up at the end of your booking is automatically added to your booking Times. Other rates are at the discretion of the Trustee Board of the Cotswold Edge District Scout Council.
  4. Booking Restrictions: 
    • No bookings will be accepted for teenage parties.
    • We do not allow, fireworks, air horns or any loud noises on site, this is due to our location and surrounded by several houses & equestrian owners.
    • Please provide full details of your booking request on the online form.
  5. Payment Terms:   Once the booking has been confirmed, then an invoice will be issued which is payable on receipt. Payments can be made via BACS or Cheque (details will be provided on the invoice).
  6. Cancellation of Hiring:  A full refund will be issued if the Hirer cancels >7 days before the hire date. A 50% refund will be issued if <7 days before the hire date. The District reserve the right to cancel the hire at any time for whatever reason.
  7. Permitted use:  The building and grounds shall not be used for any purpose other than stated in the Hirers application.  All conditions must be adhered to and the Hirer is not allowed to sublet the use.
  8. Liability for loss or damage of property:  Neither The Scout Association (TSA) nor the Cotswold Edge District Scout Council accept any liability or responsibility for any loss/damage to any person or property arising from the hiring of the building and its grounds.
  9. Parking:  Vehicles must be parked in the space provided in the front of the hall ensuring access to the building for emergency vehicles at all times. Please do not park in the passing place in the lane or on the lane its self due to access required for local residents.
    Additional parking can be made on the fields.
    The Cricket Club car park should not be used for parking doing so may lead to Parking Charges imposed by the Cricket Club.
  10. Boundaries:  Persons using the building must remain within its boundaries.
  11. Hirer: Event bookings made for the Hall must be done so by a responsible adult (who must be over 21 years of age). Full contact details must be provided at the time of booking. The Hirer agrees to be present throughout the period of the hiring session in order to ensure compliance with the Conditions of Hire.
  12. Building Access: An email will be sent out nearer the time with details of the access codes. These will be sent to the Hirer and are NOT to be given out to anyone else.
  13. The facilities are hired on the agreement that the Hirer will comply with all the rules, regulations and conditions applicable including those under the Licensing Act 2003, the Equality Act 2010, and the Health and Safety at Work Act etc. 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.
  14. The Hirer must ensure that the hall premises are only used for the purposes as outlined during booking; that no illegal drugs or over indulgence of alcohol is permitted; that no flammable substances (including decorations) or portable heaters are brought into the premises without the consent; that animals other than guide dogs are not permitted unless advance permission has been granted; that no animals enter the kitchen area.
  15. Fire Exits: When using the main hall ensure that the fire exits are clear. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to make themselves and others aware of the location of the fire extinguishers and fire exits.
  16. Hire of the building includes the use of the kitchen, toilets, heaters, tables and chairs and cleaning equipment, tables and chairs from the hall must not be taken out of the hall.
  17. The building must be left locked and secured with all lights & electrical equipment switched off.  Heaters are operated by switches below each unit.  Main Hall light switches are on the right of the entrance hallway.
  18. Tidiness: The building must be left clean and tidy with all rubbish removed by the Hirer. Spare bin bags are provided under the sink in the kitchen. The hall MUST be left clean and tidy. An additional £100 security deposit can be taken at the time of the booking. Any cleaning required after the booking will mean that this deposit will be retained to cover these costs. Any additional cleaning/damage costs WILL be invoiced to the Hirer.
  19. Scouting equipment must NOT be used unless this request has been approved as part of the hire booking.
  20. Alcohol: No persons under 18 years of age may be supplied with, or permitted to consume, intoxicating liquor on the premises. If your event will involve alcohol, you must advise this when booking.
  21. Smoking: No smoking or use of e-cigarettes is NOT permitted inside the Hall.
  22. Damage: Any damage to the property or breakages MUST be reported to [email protected] within 24hrs of hire date.
  23. The permitted number for the hall is 70 seated. This number will be reviewed regularly.
  24. Timings: Any booking that continues after 11pm, the noise level MUST be kept a minimum outside as not to disturb the neighbourhood. All events MUST finish and the premise vacated by 12am.
  25. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure all lights and heaters are turned off, and windows and doors closed at the end of the booking.
  26. Security: The Hall MUST be locked and secured at the end of the booking, with the keys returned to the keysafe and the access gates closed and locked.