Scout Section Greenfield Camp

Friday 8th to Sunday 10th October 2021 (earliest arrival 6pm Friday, clear site by 2pm Sunday)

Cost: £30 per patrol (max of 6 per patrol), and District treasurer will invoice you for payment.

Each group to do their own food, so additional cost should be considered for this.

Location: Pincots Farm, Pincots Lane, Wickwar, Wotton under Edge, GL12 8NY

This a free and easy camp, designed to give each group the opportunity to do Greenfield Nights
Away. Each group is responsible for providing enough leaders for your group attending, your kit,
food, activities, toilet arrangements* and risk assessments. (Please note, we will be asking you to
provide your plans and risk assessments as part of your Nights Away Notification).
District will not be providing any activities for this camp, only the opportunity to run!
Pit fires have been authorised by the landowner.
*Chemical toilets are permitted, but due to being disposed of on site, we are asking all groups to use
a biodegradable/eco-friendly solution. Example: Elsan Organic, found on Amazon.
The Nights Away permit is held by the district team, but if you are interested in gaining your own
Greenfield permit, please let us know on the booking form.
Please complete the booking form by 1st October 2021.

Any questions, please email ADC-Scouts [email protected]